Tearing the Pink Ribbons from Our Eyes: Shredding the Myths about Cancer “Treatment” in the US

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Tearing the Pink Ribbons from Our Eyes: Shredding the Myths about Cancer “Treatment” in the US

by Joanne Clodfelter from Ohio, US

Daily we are assaulted with pink ribbons, yellow ribbons, and other means of showing “support” for “victims” of cancer and other serious diseases. Charities beg us to give them money to “wipe out” and “battle” diseases which can cause death. The cancer industry itself is such a big business and so dehumanizing, the charities have taken on the role of putting a face on those who experience disease, because the medical community refuses to treat its patients as anything other than disease-ridden bodies while effectively disempowering the person in the name of profits.

Comment: Joanne indeed comes down strongly on the entire conventional medicine community and cancer industry, and for good reason, too – she suffered badly under the system, and would have lost her life if she did not walk away and take responsibility for her own healing.

Hers is a powerful story, and I am so glad that she is around to tell it to us. Sadly, for every Joanne, there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of others who walk through the trapdoor and don’t survive. That’s what makes education so important.

I look forward to compiling more of such testimonials from brave souls who shunned the medical system and defeated their cancer prognosis.

Cancer treatment is big, big business in the US. Charities are a big, big business in the US. The union between the medical communities and the big charities are a marriage made in heaven. For the most part, neither the medical community nor the charities will benefit if there is ever a cure found for cancer. So the medical community robs you of your power and dignity with brutal surgery, radiation, and chemopoison, making lots and lots of money off of the pain and suffering of individuals and in many cases, exacerbating the pain and suffering and hastening death. Then the big business charities step in and call those who experienced the disease “survivors,” “victims” and “heroes” while collecting money from the pain of the patient and his/her loved ones and the loved ones of the deceased. Modern medicine robs you of your dignity, and then the charities try to give it back. And both are out to make money off of you while maintaining the status quo.

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  1. Joyce Dent

    To Joanne Clodfelder,

    I am a “cancer survivor” x2. Please email me your
    phone number. I am very much in agreement with the GNM theory and want I want to learn more and connect with others of like mind. Thanks.

  2. Gina Strojny

    Hi, My mom was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 52. She had breast cancer 4 years ago and no doctors ever told her to get a hysterectomy. So now she is starting weekly chemo treatments and wont have the complete surgery for another 2 months. I’m scared that she’s not receiving the best care…the doctors have disappointed me so far and it’s getting frustrating. I just want her to know all her options so she can pick the best course of treatment to win this thing. wondering if you had any advice……

  3. ohiogirl

    I don’t know enough about GNM to comment on its effectiveness, but I thought you would want to know that Joanne passed away September 16, 2009. She was true to herself to the end and she and her husband made the most of the time she had after discontinuing her traditional treatment.


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